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Solvent based silicone defoamer anjeka5141

introduce—— Anjeka-5141 is a highly effective organosilicon defoamer for solvent based, low polarity to high polarity coatings

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Details/ Content details

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ANJEKA— 5141



Anjeka5141 is a high-efficiency silicone defoamer used in solvent-based, low-polarity to high-polarity coating systems and printing inks. Its compatibility is very good, suitable for post-addition.


PRODUCT DATE SHEET/ Product Information

Chemical composition: a mixture solution of foam-breaking polymer and polysiloxane .

The data given on this data page are only typical values, not technical indicators of the product.

      Appearance:          transparent liquid

      Solvent:                           Xylene

      Density 20°Cg/ml: 0.820g/ml

      Effective substance content:                   3%


SAVE and TRANSPORT/ storage and transportation

When the temperature is lower than 5 °C  , delamination and turbidity may occur. Heat to 20 °C  and mix well before use .


Solvent-based silicone defoamer AnjekaPAYZTTENTION/ Special attention

The full effect of the defoamer can only be obtained 24 hours after being put into the system .

APPLICATION GUIDELINES/ application information

Industrial Coatings

Features and advantages of solvent-based silicone defoamer Anjeka:

Anjeka5141 can prevent the formation of foam and air bubbles during production and use. It has good compatibility .

GUIDELINES/ application area

It can be used for general industrial coatings, paper coatings, floor coatings and curtain coating wood coatings. Suitable for oil-free polyester, vinyl
, polyurethane, epoxy ester, acid cellulose and acid cured body.


USE/ recommended dosage

0.1-1.0% The amount of additives (purchase form) is based on the total formula.

The above data is empirical dosage, and the best dosage needs to be determined through a series of experiments.

 Solvent-based silicone defoamer

PROCESSING METHOD/ Adding method and processing instruction

In order to obtain the best performance, the defoamer should be added to the grinding material before grinding. If it is added at a later stage, it must have a high enough shear force to achieve good dispersion of the defoamer to prevent shrinkage.


PACKING/ Packing

—25kg inner coated iron drum

—180kg ring plastic drum

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