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Anjeka4340, a metal pigment directional agent

introduce—— Anjeka-4340 is a kind of ethylene vinylidene acid copolymer wax dispersion which can improve the orientation effect of metallic pigment in film. Product information chemical composition: B


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Overview of Metallic Pigment Directing Agent Anjeka 4340

The orientation agent Anjeka 4340 is an ethylene -vinyl wax copolymer wax dispersion that can improve the orientation effect of metallic pigments in the coating film .

product information

Chemical composition: ethylene - vinyl wax copolymer.

The data given on this data page are only typical values, not technical indicators of the product.

Appearance : white flowing paste

Solvent: n-butyl acetate /xylene/n-butanol

Specific gravity : about 0.88

Non-volatile matter : 5.5-6.5%

Storage and transportation

Store in a cool and ventilated place keep the container tightly , away from heat and fire The storage environment is 0-40℃ (The product is soft waxy at 0°C please return to 25°C before use) The container containing the product cannot be directly exposed to heat radiation .

Directing agent

pay attention

In case of dry wax slurry generated confined strictly, crust, agglomeration phenomena which must be set dry partially removed in order to avoid difficult to disperse Please test the compatibility with the coating system before use Due to the high thixotropy of this product uneven upper and lower viscosity may be found during storage which is a normal phenomenon Please stir well before use and use the whole bucket as much as possible .

Application information

Industrial Coatings

Features and advantages:

Anjeka 4340 can improve the orientation effect of metallic pigments Such as aluminum powder, mica pearl powder and so on Can effectively enhance the flashing effect of metallic paint It can also slow down the sedimentation of the pigment in the container .

Application field

Metallic paint .

 Directing agent

Recommended dosage

The amount of additives (purchased form) is based on 5-15% of the total formula

The above data is empirical dosage, and the optimal dosage of a needs to be determined through a series of experiments.

 Joining method and processing guidance

Add 80-150% to aluminum paste , please test a proper amount before use Before use first Anjeka4340 high speed stirring for 15-30 minutes filtered used Anjeka4340 must shall be added before the CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) It is recommended to mix Anjeka 4340 with aluminum paste first and then add it to the coating system under stirring .


—50kg iron hoop plastic drum

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