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Anjeka4330, an anti settling agent for polyethylene wax

introduce—— Anjeka 4330 is used in various solvent based air drying and baking paint systems. It is especially suitable for dip coating to improve the shortage of bentonite


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Polyethylene wax anti-settling agent Anjeka 4330Overview

Wuhan is used in various solvent-based air-drying and baking paint systems. It is especially suitable for dipping coating operations to improve the places where the bentonite anti-settling agent is insufficient.

product information

Chemical composition: a dispersed polyethylene wax

The data given on this data page are only typical values , not technical indicators of the product.

Appearance: translucent white flowing paste

Density: about 0.88 g / L ( 2 . 5 deg.] C)

Non-volatile content : 9.5% 10.5%

Solvent: Xylene

Anti-settling agent

Storage and transportation

Product Storage cool and ventilated place , close the container away from heat and fire. Product in 0 ℃ to 40 ℃ room (25 deg.] C need to return before use , the product at 0 ℃ when soft wax ). Bloom The container of the product cannot be directly exposed to heat radiation.

pay attention

Please test the compatibility with the coating system before use .

Features and advantages

The appearance is a flowable slurry , suitable for modern high-speed dispersion equipment, convenient to take, easier to disperse, provide excellent anti-settling effect , and have no obvious effect on viscosity. Maintain viscosity stability , even if it settles slightly, it is easy to stir evenly. It will never deposit induration at the bottom of the tank without activation , and the anti-settling effect is not affected by the dispersion temperature. It has no obvious influence on the gloss, yellowing resistance, water resistance and drying speed of the coating film. Application field

Especially a is suitable for pigments that cannot be ground. For example : anti-settling of aluminum paste, pearl powder, flat powder, fluorescent pigment. Applicable fields: alkyd/amino-based baking paint, acrylic/amino-based baking paint, aluminum powder paint, epoxy resin, vinyl resin, polyurethane coating, solvent-based Ink. No grinding is required, and can be used as a post-addition. When used in aluminum powder, it can help the aluminum flakes to be arranged neatly and enhance its luster.

Anti-settling agent

Recommended dosage

For the total amount : 1.0-5.0%. There is no need to grind, it can be added in any price range, but it must be stirred evenly.

The above-mentioned data are empirical dosages , and the optimal dosage of a should be determined through a series of experiments.

Joining method and processing guidance

When in use, ANJEKA-4330 should be added to the resin first , and after high-speed dispersion is uniform, then other raw materials such as aluminum powder solvent, etc. should be added to mix with lower cutting force.


— 50kg plastic drum

— 200kg ring plastic drum

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