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Anjeka4350, an aqueous metal directional permutation

introduce—— Anjeka4350, a water-based metal alignment agent Anjeka 4350, is a modified vinyl acetate copolymer wax emulsion. It is used to improve the orientation of effective pigments in waterborne coatings. Pr


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Overview of water-based metal alignment agent Anjeka 4350

Anjeka 4350 is a modified ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer wax emulsion. Used to improve the orientation of effect pigments in water-based coatings.

product information

Chemical composition: modified ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer wax emulsion.

The data given on this data page are only typical values, not technical indicators of the product.

Appearance: milky white fluid

Melting point (wax component): 105°C

Non-volatile matter: 20%

PH value: 5.5

Solvent: water

Storage and transportation

The product is sensitive to temperature. The storage and transportation temperature must be between 5°C and 35°C. Stir well before use.

Alignment agent

pay attention

Because the product is acidic and will reduce the pH value, it is recommended to adjust the pH value of the coating system to 9.0-9.5 before adding the additive. After a, use a rotary viscometer to adjust the viscosity, and do not use a flow viscosity cup.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES/application information

Industrial Coatings

Features and advantages:

The water-based metal alignment agent Anjeka 4350 can improve the orientation of effect pigments, reduce cloud-like chromatic aberration and color spots, and can significantly improve the rheological properties and brightness of effect pigment pastes without cosolvent; compared with polyurethane thickeners, this The product is less sensitive to co-solvents in the coating system; compared to bentonite or acrylic thickeners, the product is easier to add and use, and has excellent anti-settling properties during storage and construction.

Application field

It is recommended for water-based automotive coatings and water-based industrial coatings.

Recommended dosage

The amount of additives (purchase form) is based on 5-10% of the total formula

The above data is empirical dosage, and the optimal dosage of a needs to be determined through a series of experiments.

Joining method and processing guidance

After adding the effect pigment paste, add Anjeka 4350 to the paint under low-shear agitation, without pre-dilution with water.


—25kg inner coated iron drum

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