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Anjeka6701 dispersant for preventing greening and sinking

introduce—— Anjeka 6700 is a copolymer solution containing acid group. It is mainly used in solvent based coatings and ink systems

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Anti-greening and anti-settling dispersant Anjeka 6701Overview

Anjeka 6700 is a copolymer solution containing acidic groups. It is mainly used in solvent-based coatings and ink systems. It is anti-settling for inorganic fillers and effectively prevents greening of the coating film for PE systems.

product information

Chemical composition: copolymer with acidic groups  

Anti-greening and anti-settling dispersant Anjeka 6701 The data given on this data page are only typical values , not technical indicators of the product.

Acid value: 350 — 370mgKOH/g

Density: 1.01 g of / L ( 2 . 5 deg.] C)

Viscosity: 20 is 50 cps 2 . 5 deg.] C)

Non-volatile matter ( 20min,150 ℃ ) : >98%

Hubei dispersant

Storage and transportation

Please stir well before use. When the temperature is lower than 0℃, stratification or muddy oil may occur . Heat to 30℃-40℃ and stir evenly.

pay attention

Due to the high acid value of the product, it may catalyze the cross-linking of the baking paint system. Check the viscosity increase during the storage of the coating system. In the PE system, the coating drying speed may be reduced. The addition amount should be determined according to the actual experimental conditions.

Application information

Coating industry and printing inks

Characteristics and advantages of Hubei dispersant

This additive effectively inhibits the greening trend of PE coatings, and effectively improves the anti-settling performance and can-opening effect for high-filler filling systems

Application field

It is recommended to use this additive in solvent-based and solvent-free coatings and printing inks to stabilize inorganic pigments, especially in PE systems, to effectively inhibit the greening trend of coatings.

 Recommended dosage

The amount of additives (purchased form) based on the pigment:

Titanium dioxide: 2%—4% 

Inorganic pigments: 5%-10%

PE system based on the total amount of paint: 0.2-0.5%

The above-mentioned data are empirical dosages , and the optimal dosage of a should be determined through a series of experiments.

 Hubei dispersant

Joining method and processing guidance

In order to obtain a good performance, the additives should be added to the grinding material first, and then the pigments .


— 25kg inner coated iron drum

— 200kg ring plastic drum

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