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Anti floating hair flower dispersant anjeka 6104s

introduce—— Anti floating hair flower dispersant Anjeka 6104s is a solution of copolymer of unsaturated polycarboxylic acid polymer and polysiloxane, which is suitable for medium to high polarity system. Product

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Overview of Anti-floating Dispersant Anjeka 6104S

Anjeka 6104S is a solution of unsaturated polycarboxylic acid polymer and polysiloxane copolymer suitable for medium to high polarity systems .

product information

The chemical composition of Hubei dispersant: a solution of unsaturated polycarboxylic acid polymer and polysiloxane copolymer .

The data given on this data page are only typical values , not technical indicators of the product.

Appearance : transparent yellow clear liquid

Solubility : oily

Non-volatile matter ( 20min,150 ℃ ) : 55%

Solvent: xylene / diisobutyl ketone

Hubei dispersant

Storage and transportation

Please stir well before use. When the temperature is lower than 0℃, stratification or muddy oil may occur . Heat to 30℃-60℃ and stir evenly.

pay attention

These products have limited compatibility with petroleum solvents or systems diluted with petroleum solvents.

Application information

Features and advantages

Hubei dispersant is a wetting and dispersing agent that improves pigment wetting and stabilizes the dispersion of pigments. It enables pigments and extender pigments to produce controlled flocculation, thus preventing floating / flooding and hard settling. It is suitable for medium to high polarity systems, and is particularly effective in preventing the floating of titanium dioxide when combined with other color pigments. It can also be used in amine neutralized waterborne coatings. It is not compatible with solvent gasoline. When used as an anti-rust primer, it enhances the protective performance in many cases. Anjeka 6104S also contains a small amount of polysiloxane copolymer, so it is more effective in preventing floating. Silicone Bénard cells and also help prevent streaks, surface slip, leveling or flatting agents and given the aluminum to thus often without further addition of silicone additives. 

Application field

Recommendations for coating systems: solvent-based and solvent-free coatings, and printing inks. Application recommendations: industrial coatings, architectural coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, automotive coatings, etc.

 Recommended dosage

The amount of additives (purchased form) based on the pigment:

Titanium dioxide: 0.5%—2.5% 

Inorganic pigments: 3%-10%

Organic pigments: 10%-20%

The above-mentioned data are empirical dosages , and the optimal dosage of a should be determined through a series of experiments.

 Hubei dispersant

Joining method and processing guidance

In order to obtain a good performance, the additives should be added to the grinding material first, and then the pigments .


— 25kg inner coated iron drum

— 200kg ring plastic drum

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