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Solvent based Hyperdispersant anjeka6010

introduce—— Disperanjeka-6010 is a kind of dispersant containing imino polyester segment, which is mainly suitable for solvent based coating

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Overview of solvent-based hyperdispersant Anjeka 6010

Anjeka 6010 is a dispersant for imino-containing polyester segment. It is mainly suitable for dispersing organic pigments such as carbon black and phthalocyanine blue in solvent-based coatings. It has excellent pigment dispersion stability and has a wide range of applications.

 product information

Chemical composition:  Ammonia-containing anchor group polymer.

The data given on this data page are only typical values , not technical indicators of the product.

Appearance :  light yellow liquid

Density: 0.98g/ml ( 25℃)

Flash point : 28℃

Non-volatile matter ( 20min,150 ℃ ) : 50%

Solvent: Xylene


Storage and transportation

When the temperature is lower than 0°C, delamination or turbidity may occur. Heat to 20°C and mix well.

pay attention

The surface treatment of certain organic pigments will adversely affect the effectiveness of the wetting and dispersing agent. In this case , you can try the same type of untreated paint.

Application information

Industrial Coatings

Features and advantages

The dispersant is adsorbed on the surface of the pigment to prevent the pigment from being coarsened back, quickly reduce the viscosity of the coating, and make the coating have excellent storage stability, which is very suitable for medium and low polar oil paint / ink systems. It can significantly improve the grinding efficiency of pigments. It is especially suitable for carbon black and phthalocyanine blue organic pigments. It can also be used in multicolor grinding systems to effectively prevent pigment separation and blooming and enhance the gloss and abrasion resistance of paint inks. It can effectively provide the stability of the pigment system, significantly reduce the viscosity of the coating, and improve the leveling.

Application field

Industrial Coatings●

Automotive coatings●

Architectural coating○

Anticorrosive coating system●

Recommended dosage

The amount of additives (purchased form) based on the pigment:

Inorganic pigments: 2% — 5%

Organic pigments: 10%  30%

Carbon Black: 15% - 25%

The above-mentioned data are empirical dosages , and the  optimal dosage of a should be determined through a series of experiments.


Joining method and processing guidance

In order to obtain a good performance, add it before grinding and dissolve it in the grinding base resin /solvent to obtain a good dispersion effect.


—25kg inner coated iron drum

— 180 kg ring plastic bucket

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