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11Controlled polymer dispersant 6540

introduce—— Anjeka 6540 is a CPT based block copolymer dispersant. It is suitable for solvent-based and solvent-free systems. It has excellent dispersibility and wide compatibility with various systems

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       DISPER ANJEKA— 6540


       Anjeka6540 is a block copolymer dispersant based on CPT technology. It is suitable for solvent-based and solvent-free systems. It has excellent dispersing performance and wide compatibility with various systems. It is highly recommended for general concentrated slurry dispersion field.

      product information

     Chemical composition: block copolymer containing pigment-philic groups

     The data given on this data page are only typical values , not technical indicators of the product.    

Amine value: 52mgKOH/g

Density: 1.05g/L (25℃)

Appearance: transparent yellow fluid

Non-volatile matter (20min,150℃):...


       Storage and transportation

      Should be stored in a cool and dry place. Mix thoroughly before use. When the temperature is lower than 0℃, layering or turbidity may occur . Heat to 20℃ and mix thoroughly.

      Application information

      Industrial Coatings

     Features and advantages:

     The additive deflocculates the pigment through steric hindrance. Due to the small particle size of the deflocculated pigment, high gloss can be obtained and color strength can be improved. In addition, the transparency of transparent pigments and the hiding power of opaque pigments are also improved. Due to the decrease in viscosity, the flow properties are improved, and the pigment content of the color paste is increased.

      Application field

      Anjeka6540 has good compatibility with alkyd resin, cellulose, chlorinated rubber, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, and acrylate. Because of its high solid content, it is especially suitable for high solid content systems.

      Recommended dosage

      The following addition amounts are based on the ratio of dispersant solids to pigments:

             Inorganic pigments: 5-10%

             Titanium dioxide: 1-3%

             Organic pigments: 10-35%

             Carbon black: 15-75%

            The above data are empirical dosages , and the optimal dosage should be determined through a series of experiments.

       Joining method and processing guidance

      In order to obtain the best performance , it should be added before the pigment is added in the grinding stage.


       —25kg inner coated iron drum

       —180kg ring plastic drum

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