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Overview of Waterborne Substrate Wetting Agent Anjeka 7412

Hubei water-based substrate wetting agent Anjeka7412 is a silicone surfactant used in water-based coatings, printing inks and varnishes, which can strongly reduce surface tension and significantly improve the wetting ability of substrates.

 Hubei wetting agent

product information

Chemical composition: polyether modified siloxane solution.

Typical materialized data:

Active ingredient: 50%
Density (20 °C): 1.00 g/ml
Solvent: Dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether
Flash point: 81 °C The data given on this data page are only typical values, not the technical indicators of the product.
Delamination or turbidity may occur when the temperature is lower than 5 °C  . Heat to 20 °C  and mix thoroughly.
   Storage and transportation

 pay attention

It has long-term stability in PH 4-10 coating system. In order to avoid turbidity, the formulation of Anjeka7412 needs to contain a small amount of co-solvent (approximately 5% of the total solvent ). In systems with high cosolvent content, the effectiveness of silicone surfactants will be reduced. In this type of formulation, we recommend the use of Anjeka 7333.

Application information

Industrial Coatings

Features and advantages:

This additive improves the leveling and substrate wettability by strongly reducing the surface tension of the aqueous system. It has no or slightly stabilizing foam effect and does not reduce recoatability. The additive does not increase the surface slip. For higher surface slip, it is recommended to add Anjeka7333.

 Application field

This additive is recommended for all water-based paints, printing inks and varnishes, and a small amount of co-solvent needs to be added when using it.

 Hubei wetting agent price

Recommended dosage

The dosage of 0.05-0.5% additives (purchased form) is based on the total formula.

The above data is empirical dosage, and the optimal dosage of a needs to be determined through a series of experiments.

 Joining method and processing guidance

This additive can be added in any production stage, and we recommend adding it in the post-production stage of the coating.


—25kg inner coated iron drum

— 180 kg ring plastic bucket

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