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Anjeka7377, a solvent based fluorine modified acrylic leveling agent

introduce—— Anjeka-7377 is a fluorine modified polymer solution, which can effectively reduce the surface tension, improve the wetting of substrate and the flow and leveling of coating, and prevent the formation

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Overview of solvent-based fluorine-modified acrylic value leveling agent Anjeka 7377

Anjeka7377 is a fluorine-modified polymer solution, which can effectively reduce surface tension, improve substrate wetting and coating fluidity and leveling, and prevent the formation of Bernard vortices.

Wuhan leveling agent product information

Chemical composition : fluorine-modified polymer solution.

The data given on this data page are only typical values , not technical indicators of the product.

Hydroxyl value: about 45mgKOH/g

Density: 0.99g/mL (25℃)

Appearance: transparent yellowish liquid

Non-volatile matter (20min, 150℃): 70%

Solvent: xylene/alkylbenzene

Leveling agent

Storage and transportation

When the temperature is lower than 0°C, stratification or muddy oil may occur . Heat to 20°C and mix thoroughly.

pay attention

In external coatings, the additives (which will follow the outer layer resin of a) are quickly lost from the surface of the coating due to the normal atmospheric aging process. Taking into account the above circumstances, the long-term effectiveness of the specific base material system must be evaluated.

Application information

Industrial Coatings

Features and advantages:

Anjeka 7377 only needs a small amount to improve the wettability and leveling of the substrate. The product has excellent compatibility in general base materials, can improve leveling, prevent shrinkage  , has the functions of defoaming and gas release, and does not affect the adhesion between layers. Because of the cross-linking of the active groups and the paint film, it can effectively improve the smoothness, solvent resistance, weather resistance, and anti-sticking properties

Application field

Industrial Coatings

Automotive coatings

Architectural Coatings

Anticorrosive coating system

Wuhan leveling agent

Recommended dosage


The above-mentioned data are empirical dosages , and the optimal dosage of a should be determined through a series of experiments.

Joining method and processing guidance

It can be added at any stage of the production process or added later.


—25kg inner coated iron drum

— 180 kg ring plastic bucket

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