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Create military glory and build world peace. On the evening of the 27th, the 7th World Military Gam

Author: Date of issue: 2021-06-19

Large-scale sports events are an effective means to generate cohesion and stimulate urban vitality. It can promote urban infrastructure construction, improve transportation, environment, and air quality, and improve urban service levels. It is one of the important means of shaping and marketing cities in recent years.

The development of the sports industry in Wuhan has been quite impressive in recent years. Especially in this year of the Seventh Military Games held in Wuhan, following the Beijing Olympics, China's hosting of zui high-level international multi-sports event. It will surely become a milestone event in the journey of rejuvenating Greater Wuhan, and will surely accelerate the construction of “modernized, internationalized, and ecological” Wuhan, and help Wuhan to appear on the world stage.

World Military Games

Create military glory and build world peace. On the evening of the 27th , the 7th World Military Games came to an end in Wuhan. Over the past 10 days, in this grand gathering of sharing friendship and building peace, more than 9,300 military and sports athletes from 109 countries competed together on the same field. The purpose of the military sports competition.

"The Bond of Friendship"

Mungyeong in South Korea in 2015 Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in 2011 Hyderabad in India in 2007 ... In the running of the military games mascot "Bingbing" chasing light beams, time roulette appeared again and again, bringing time back to the top six At the place where the military games were held, soldiers and soldiers "crossed sequentially" brought the mascots of the previous military games to the scene and gathered together. Breaking the gap between time and space, the 7th mascot gathered for "peace."

The closing ceremony of the theatrical performance is based on the theme of "The Bond of Friendship", divided into two chapters, "We Gather Together" and "Welcome to Beautiful Wuhan". The performance is based on the Jingchu culture and features various elements with unique Wuhan characteristics as the image. .

The Military Games have been deeply imprinted with China, leaving behind the footprints of Wuhan. Under the call for peace, more than 9,300 military and sports athletes from 109 countries came from all over the world and used sports to build a bridge of communication.

"This is a huge success." Helvi Picrillo, president of the International Military Sports Council, said that the scale of the military games is unprecedented. Athletes, staff and volunteers from various countries can participate in the military games. Sharing friendship in the meeting is a manifestation of peace and unity.

"Sports Friendship"

With sports as a link, it conveys friendship and peace, so that soldiers from all over the world can meet on the field, not on the battlefield. Military and sports athletes from five continents gathered together. With tenacious perseverance, each athlete challenged the limit, climbed new highs, achieved the level and style of the competition, demonstrating the good spirit of contemporary soldiers.

In this splendid and fruitful event, 10 days of competition, 329 events, a total of world records and 85 records of the International Military Sports Council were broken, creating a new history for the Military Games. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army sports delegation won a total of 133 ..., 64 silver medals, and 42 bronze medals, ranking among the... and medal lists...

World Military Games

Under the dazzling starry sky, the torch of the 7th World Military Games that had been burning for 10 days in the Wuhan Sports Center was extinguished. Chinese soldiers walked to the main torch tower and introduced the torch into the "Peace Zun" in their hands.

"Holding you, passing the peaceful fire, and walking hand in hand, all the world is brothers"... With the familiar melody of "Peaceful fire" sounded, the 7th World Military Games concluded in Wuhan. The torch of the Wuhan Military Games is extinguished, but the salvation of world peace will always burn.

The Wuhan Military Games will become an important stage for China to demonstrate its peaceful rise to the world and bravely assume the responsibilities of a great power on the international stage. Wuhan, every day is different!

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