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  • Under what effect does Wuhan thixotropic agent work?

    It is an efficient mineral rheological additive. It can be used together with cellulose ether to improve the workability and sag resistance in polymer mortar products. Compared with bentonite-based lubricants, due to the difference in structure, lamella size

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  • What is Hubei anti-settling agent and what is its function

    Hubei anti-settling agent Anti-settling agent is a kind of paint that has the advantage of rheology control. It makes the paint thixotropic and greatly improves the viscosity. Most of the thickeners discussed in the previous chapter can give the paint thixotropy.

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  • What are the characteristics of polymer dispersants

    Macromolecular dispersants can be seen everywhere in our lives. Macromolecular dispersants have their unique physical properties. Today, I will lead you to explore the characteristics of the products. Adding a small amount of cationic polyacrylamide products can

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  • 06-29 2021
    Why does the dispersant work? How does the dispersant work?

    Why does the dispersant work? How does the dispersant work? The dispersant molecule contains an anchor group part and a stabilizing part. The role of the anchoring group is to provide a strong enough binding force with the pigment and filler particles,

  • 06-29 2021
    Why are dispersants added to coatings and inks?

    The role of the dispersant is to prevent the particles from agglomerating in the medium, not to prevent the particles from settling

  • 06-29 2021
    The influence of Hubei water-based dispersant on coatings

    This is a measure of film characteristics. The higher the gloss, the stronger the reflection. For the gloss of high-quality coatings, the particle size should not be greater than 5 microns, and the maximum value is 3 microns. The ink should not exceed 1 micron. The

  • 06-19 2021
    Precautions for prevention of thixotropic agent in Hubei

    Pay special attention to Hubei thixotropic agent is a hydrophobic product. When it is used, if it is directly added to the polymer or co-solvent, because the polymer/co-solvent is highly hydrophobic, they will be adsorbed on the surface of the paste to form a shell

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